Monday, November 1, 2010

NuCanoe built for Fishing, Hunting, Rowing or Just Paddling Around

Paddling a NuCanoe

It’s not a canoe or a kayak, but it has the positive qualities of both. Unlike a canoe or kayak the NuCanoe can be use to go fishing, hunting, rowing, or just having fun paddling around. NuCanoe can be used out on the lake, stream, river, or even in saltwater. Anywhere there is water the NuCanoe can go, but it’s more than just going. The NuCanoe with its versatile seating and accessories can change to enable you to do whatever you want from fishing, hunting, rowing, diving, or just paddling. Try doing that in your canoe or kayak. Floating downstream in a NuCanoeThe NuCanoe ( comes in either a 10 foot or 12 foot model. Both are made from a durable high-density polyethylene plastic using rotational molding. Both can be used for fishing, hunting, rowing, or just having fun paddling around; however, the 10 foot model is preferred by a solo paddler for being extremely maneuverable while the 12 foot model offers more space for gear, tracks better, and great for paddling long distances. Although the attributes and benefits are numerous, Blake Young, Director of Business Development for NuCanoe highlighted the following reasons: confidence on the water, greater functionality, superior comfort, and multiple options. “Even with little or no experience paddling, the stability of a NuCanoe gives paddlers confidence on the water as they enjoy their activities; the NuCanoe’s functionality with modular seats and all the accessories allow them to outfit it in a number of different ways depending on the activity; the NuCanoe superior comfort comes from having elevated seats so paddlers are in an upright position with plenty of room for stretching their legs. They can also choose from several of the seat options we offer for maximum comfort and support; lastly, the NuCanoe can be used in multiple situations like fishing, hunting, paddling, rowing, or any water activity on rivers, lakes, streams, or in saltwater. Plus you can go solo, tandem, or triple depending on how many want to go,” explained Young. Another positive feature Young NuCanoe for fishingmentioned was how easy it was for anyone, even a novice to get in and out of the watercraft with little difficulty.

Similar to many of the canoes and kayaks that are available, the NuCanoe has a transom that allows for a motor to be mounted. “The NuCanoe has a square transom that allows the individual to mount an electric trolling motor or a 2-horsepowered outboard motor,” Young continued, “I recommend using a 55-pound thrust if you decide to use an electric trolling motor.” One accessory anyone using an electric trolling motor should get is the Storage Box (Model #7130) with Strap that fits perfect in the deck space and can lock the battery in place. In the past having a trolling motor or outboard motor power a watercraft was uncommon or considered a luxury; however, today it is common for anglers, hunters, photographers, or sightseers to have one mounted on their watercraft.

RAM Rod Holder with a NuCanoe MountFor anglers having the ability to be mobile means being able to fish in areas not accessible when they had to paddle; in addition to having more time to fish when they get there. Wind is also a factor when fishing from a canoe, kayak, or NuCanoe. A trolling motor means you can hold in one spot and fish without picking up your paddle or paddling between casts. Plus anglers can bring more tackle and not worry about how much more work it is to paddle. Of course having a power source means you can troll a lure between fishing spots and catch fish.
Even if you decide to add a trolling motor or outboard engine you will need a paddle or paddles for your NuCanoe. Picking the right length and materials it is made from goes a long ways in having enjoyable outings. “I recommend a paddle that is 250CM to 275CM in length for most situations,” said Young. Paddle shafts come in different lengths and can be built from several materials including aluminum, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. The blades also common made from different materials and sizes. What shaft and blade you choose will depend on the activity you plan on participating in.

It’s not a canoe or kayak. The NuCanoe is a blended all the positive qualities of both in one watercraft. As Young said, “Its functionality,” he continued, “its unmatched versatility that enables the individual to do more with the same watercraft.” No other watercraft can offer its owners all the options available that they can do with the NuCanoe. So what will you do with your NuCanoe? Go fishing down the Buffalo River in Arkansas, duck hunting at the public hunting land area on Granger Lake in Texas, scuba diving down on the Gulf Shores, or just letting the kids go out paddling around? It doesn’t matter. The NuCanoe can do it all.

Fish on! Catching fish in a NuCanoe