Friday, September 25, 2009

Is It a Canoe or a Kayak?

Yes! It’s sort of both. The NuCanoe can be considered a sort of hybrid between a canoe and a kayak.

The typical canoe can usually seat multiple passengers and is generally rather large and tipsy. Whereas a kayak generally only seats one person and offers better stability and maneuvering than a canoe.

The NuCanoe is designed for 1-3 people (possibly 4 with smaller children). It’s not as bulky as a typical canoe, giving it greater stability and maneuverability. The seating is designed a little lower than typical canoe seating, and the NuCanoe rests just above the water the way a kayak might.

Another difference between the NuCanoe and other canoes and kayaks is its uncanny versatility. The NuCanoe can be used for about anything: fishing, hunting, paddling, rowing, diving, and more. Passengers can choose to row the boat, as done in many canoes. Or they can choose to paddle the boat, the way that kayakers do. Find out how you can accessorize and adapt your NuCanoe to your liking by clicking here.

The NuCanoe is also designed to go just about anywhere. It functions well on lakes, rivers (up to Class II rapids), and the ocean.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Diving with NuCanoe

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be anymore uses for a NuCanoe, here’s yet another great reason why NuCanoe is great value and an investment that will pay for itself in fun memories for years to come! The NuCanoe is a great boat for diving.

Diving (4)

With a NuCanoe, users will be able to carry a full load of diving gear inside the NuCanoe’s spacious interior. Exit and entry of the boat from on-water is easy. The boat won’t take on water or capsize like other canoes can. Divers can even jump into the water from a standing position in the boat.

Diving (1) Diving (3)

Check out this NuCanoe diving video:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


The NuCanoe has fully adjustable seat position that easily adjust to accommodate 1-3 passengers.

You can choose to paddle, row, or troll with the NuCanoe.

Easily configure and modify the NuCanoe to meet your customized needs. With a wide variety of accessories the NuCanoe can easily be converted to use for fishing, hunting, paddling, rowing, and more.

The NuCanoe is also great for use in rivers (up to Class II), lakes, and the ocean.


The unique design of the NuCanoe allows for unprecedented stability and excellent on-water performance. The stable design enables you to confidently stand inside the boat while fishing, taking photos, diving, and more. A wide 42” beam and hard chine make the NuCanoe unlikely to tip over or capsize.

So relax and enjoy your surroundings and the company of your friends, and forget about the technical worries of paddling. Your canoe and kayak adventure has never been simpler and more enjoyable.


The upright and dry seating of the NuCanoe will keep you comfortable for hours and allow you to relax and enjoy your ride. The seats are designed to be more comfortable than the usual canoe seating and can even be upgraded to your preference with numerous seating accessories available.

The watercraft is designed for high performance paddling. A tapered hull, stern skeg, and mild rocker make the NuCanoe a breeze to paddle.

Dog-lovers and dogs alike will especially love the NuCanoe as dogs are easily able to jump out and climb into the boat, while still allowing everyone inside the boat to remain high and dry.